SWATCA 2025 Convention

February 20-21, 2025

Teacher Information

Expectations for Convention Attendance

Teachers’ Conventions are in person for 2024, You are required to go to the University of Lethbridge on those days!
Teachers’ conventions are days when you decide which sessions you attend to best meet your professional development needs. You should attend convention in person.

For more on the ATA’s attendance policy for conventions, please click HERE.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


Convention Attendance Requests

  • As in a normal year, you may request to be absent from part or all of their assigned convention for the following reasons:
  • To make use of a leave provision in your collective agreement (e.g. sick leave, parental leave, personal leave)
  • To attend an alternate professional development event that is scheduled during your assigned convention.
  • To attend a convention other than the one you are assigned because you either:
  • Are a distance/online education teacher or seconded teacher who lives outside of the geographical area of your assigned convention; or
  • Have found yourself in an attendance conflict beyond your control.
  • To coach a school team at a provincial finals tournament.

More information about each of the specific eligibility criteria for convention attendance listed above, and the eligibility of these requests, can be found HERE.

If you have read the above criteria, and wish to submit a request to be absent from convention, please use the online form at https://ata.smapply.ca/. (You will need to create an account through Survey Monkey to use the form)

If you have any questions about convention attendance or would like to request to be absent and don’t know where to start, please email Daniel Maas, Executive Officer, ATA Professional Development staff at [email protected]

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