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Information About The Presentation

Workshop - 90 minutes
Session Half Day (3 hours)
Other Tiered Classroom Space
Moveable Desks
Art Studio Space
Empty Room (no desks)
Computer Lab
Administration & Leadership
Career and Technology Studies and Foundations
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Drama and Dance
Educational Research
English Language Learning
Environmental and Outdoor Education
Religious and Moral Education
Education for Reconciliation
French and International Languages
Guidance and Student Support
Health, CALM, and Wellness
Inclusion and Diversity
Keynotes and Special Events
Language Arts
Learning Commons
Mathematics and Numeracy
Music and Band
Physical Education
Social Studies
Special Education
Teacher Wellness
Early Childhood (Pre K - K)
Division 1 (Gr 1 - 3)
Division 2 (Gr 4 - 6)
Division 3 (Gr 7 - 9)
Division 4 (Gr 10 - 12)
Overhead Projector Sink LCD Projector
Smart Board - There are a small number available, so please check if absolutely necessary only.

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