Committee Members

Updated as of March 10, 2017



Kim Yearous

Holy Spirit RCSD #4

Vice President

 Nicole Kusick

Horizon School Division #67

Past President

Cory Hegland



Celia Clinton 

 Holy Spirit RCSD #4


Rod Lowry 

Westwind School Division #74

District Representative

Katherine Pritchard

South West

Committee Chairs:

Conference Program Chair

Christine Perreaux

Lethbridge School District #41

Displays Chair

Vern Tellefson

Westwind School Division #12

Social Chair

 Shelley Townsend

Horizon School District #4

Website Chair

 Rod Lowry

Westwind School Division #12

Host Recruitment Chair

 Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel

Horizon School Division #4


Board Members:

Holy Spirit RCSD#5


Tera Robison 


Jessica Ens 




Horizon School Division #4


 Shelley Townsend


 Blaine Carlsen


 Cory Francis


Lethbridge School District #41


Christine Pereaux


 Leah Durrant


 Debra Wenaas


 Sarah Linton


Eva LeBlanc


Livingstone Range School District #

 Lenore Tarcon  

Palliser Regional Schools #




Shantel Mohrmann


 Mallory Finnie


Westwind School Division #12


Vern Tellefson


Michelle Miller


Jen Meyers

Kainai / Pikanii Boards of Education  

Cam Shade


ADLC Representative


Gary Frederickson


Liaison Groups


Brian Macauley



Southern Alberta PD Consortium

Craig Leowen

University of Lethbridge


Education Undergraduate Society


  • Holy Spirit RCSD:  3
  • Horizon School Division:  3
  • Lethbridge School District:  5
  • Livingstone Range
  • Palliser Regional Schools:  3
  • Westwind School Division:  3
  • College of Superintendents:  1
  • Southern Alberta PD Consortium:  1
  • University of Lethbridge:  1
  • Education Undergraduate Society:  1
  • District Representative:  1

Executive members (President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are not considered to be a part of the count from each member board.



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